CAS Inclusion Award

CAS Inclusion Award

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) is dedicated to recognizing successes, removing barriers and valuing intentional efforts to enhance inclusiveness so that every member of the academic community can participate and excel to the best of their ability.

Consistent with this commitment, the CAS Inclusion Award recognizes a department, program or a subset of one of those units that introduced a new, intentional effort(s) to enhance inclusiveness over the past year. The award is designed to acknowledge a collective endeavor that enriched and expanded inclusivity in the classroom, engagement and outreach, programming and other efforts. Examples of such efforts might include the following:

  • Intentionally recruiting and retaining faculty and students from diverse groups
  • Implementing inclusive teaching methods across a sequence of courses
  • Conducting climate studies on diversity, equity and inclusion in the unit or among its alumni and made changes based on feedback
  • Inviting students to participate in IE efforts through the formation of student groups (clubs, organizations) that promote diversity in the unit or major
  • Supporting underrepresented students through grant programs, mentoring programs, advising programs, etc.
  • Re-designing the unit’s webpage to be more inclusive; designing the unit’s physical space to be more inclusive (current/recent photos or posters of diverse scholars and students)
  • Collaborating with other units that promote diversity, equity and inclusion; collaborating with external groups or individuals that promote DEI


Academic departments, programs, or subsets of units in the College of Arts & Sciences.


The award will carry the following recognition: The award will consist of a plaque and the opportunity for the winner(s) to give a public presentation on their efforts at diversity and inclusiveness at the yearly CAS Awards ceremony.


All faculty, staff, and students are eligible to submit nominations; self-nominations will be accepted.

Nomination/Application Process

To nominate a faculty member for this award, please complete the nomination form to submit it to the CAS Selection Committee. Nominations should describe the unit’s new, intentional effort(s) from the preceding academic year. Once nominated, the CAS Dean’s Office may contact the faculty and staff in the unit for additional materials. 

Selection of Awardee

The CAS Inclusion Award Committee reviews the applications and makes a recommendation to the Dean of CAS. The Committee is composed of CAS IE leadership team members and a CAS Associate Dean.

2024 Nomination Form

2024 Nomination Form

To nominate a faculty or staff member for this award, please complete the 2024 CAS Faculty & Staff Award Nomination Form between Monday, August 12, 2024, and Monday, August 30, 2024. The Committee typically begins review of nominations at the beginning of the fall semester.

Previous Award Winners

  • Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures (2022-23)
  • Jamie Levine (2021-22)
  • Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences (2021-22)
  • Carol Babyak (2020-21)
  • Department of Physics and Astronomy (2020-21)