College Committees

Curriculum Subcommittee

2021-22 CAS Subcommittee Members

  • Dr. Jennifer Burris, chair, Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • Dr. Cameron Lippard, chair, Department of Sociology
  • Dr. Leonardo Flores, chair, Department of English
  • Dr. Saskia van de Gevel, chair,  Department of Geography and Planning
  • Dr. Cynthia Liutkus-Pierce, chair, Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences
  • Diana Nelson, director of the College Advising and Support Services Hub (CASSH), College of Arts and Sciences (ex-officio)
  • Dr. Mark Bradbury, associate dean, College of Arts and Sciences (ex-officio)

* Subcommittee Chairperson

2021-22 Curriculum Proposal Dates

Submission Deadline

Meeting Deadline

CAS Council Meeting

 --- ---Sept. 7, 2021
Sept. 6, 2021Sep. 15, 2021Oct. 5, 2021
Oct. 11, 2021Oct. 20, 2021Nov. 2, 2021
Nov. 1, 2021Nov. 10, 2021**Dec. 7, 2021
 --- --- ---
Jan. 10, 2022Jan. 19, 2022Feb. 1, 2022
Feb. 7, 2022Feb. 16, 2022Mar. 1, 2022
Mar. 14, 2022Mar. 23, 2022Apr. 5, 2022
Apr. 11, 2022Apr. 20, 2022May 3, 2022

**Last meeting to have proposals considered in time to make the 2022-23 fall catalog.

Assessment Committee

  • Chair, Mark D. Bradbury, associate dean (CAS) 
  • Claudia P. Cartaya-Marin (Chemistry and Fermentation Sciences) 
  • Catherine Fountain (Languages, Literatures and Cultures) 
  • Chris Dickinson (Psychology) 

The CAS Assessment Committee will:

  • Serve as a resource for any unit during the assessment of programs.
  • Be an external set of eyes and a sounding board.
  • Function as the liaison between UAAC (University Academic Assessment Council), IRAP (Institutional Research and Planning), and CAS units.
  • Report to the CAS Dean about assessment progress.
  • Make recommendations to the CAS Dean about units that may need additional help/motivation to meet deadlines.
  • Remind units of deadlines and keep units on track.