Creating the Series

This inaugural series in the College, the Mountain Studies Lecture Series, was born out of a previous event hosted by Appalachian Studies, also housed in the college. An International Mountain Studies Symposium was hosted at the university in 2019, that brought together international scholars specializing in mountain studies across the globe to engage with students, faculty and the community for a one day academic event. To learn more about this past event, visit: https://appcenter.appstate.edu/about/past-events/international-mountain-studies-symposium

Mountain Studies Lecture Series Committee

The inaugural lecture committee included:

  • Dr. Baker Perry, Department of Geography and Planning
  • Dr. Mark Spond, Department of Geography and Planning
  • Dr. Katherine Ledford, Appalachian Studies
  • Dr. Mark Bradbury, College of Arts and Sciences

The 2022 lecture committee included:

  • Dr. Allison Fredette, Department of History
  • Dr. Mark Nunes, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Dr. Alexandra Sterling-Hellenbrand, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
  • Dr. Howard Neufeld, Department of Biology