Outstanding Alumni

Each year, the College of Arts & Sciences presents the Outstanding Alumni Award to a former student in the College. The award was instituted in 1998 to honor alumni who have distinguished themselves through their remarkable contributions to a profession, through their ability to provide leadership, through public service activities, through outstanding creative endeavors, or through other accomplishments.

Advancement Council Members

The Council comprises interested alumni and friends of the College of Arts and Sciences whose purpose is to advance the College through their time, talent, and gifts.

Advancement Council Bylaws

The Advancement Council for the College of Arts and Sciences provides an opportunity for individuals to become more involved and interested which greatly increases their likelihood of providing major financial support as well as assistance in soliciting other gifts for the College.

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Development and Enhancement

Unlike many other universities of its size and stature, Appalachian State University is not a research mill where undergraduates are taught by graduate students. The departments of the College of Arts and Sciences are proud of their faculty, and believe that it is a high calling to pass knowledge along to the next generation. That's why you'll find senior members of our faculty, many of them nationally-known in their fields, teaching undergraduates at every level. There are not many schools where freshmen can expect to be taught by the very best people in a department. That attitude is fostered by the College of Arts and Sciences. In the humanities, the social sciences, mathematical sciences, and the sciences, students deserve and receive attention from professors who consider teaching their first priority. Often this involves including students in professors' own research, making students important participants in the process of generating new information.

Needed Resources

An active faculty and student body are essential for the College to prepare students to meet the challenges of the future, and attracting and retaining outstanding students is essential for enhancing the vitality and growth of the quality of the University. Learn more about College of Arts and Sciences priorities. For more information about investing in Appalachian, contact Carey Fissel, Director of Development for the College of Arts and Sciences at 828-262-7622 or email at


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