Richard N. Henson Outstanding Advisor Award

Richard N. Henson Outstanding Advisor Award

The Richard N. Henson Outstanding Advisor Award was established in the 1998-99 academic year. The award is presented annually to a full-time faculty member in The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). The award recognizes the importance of academic advising and the role that quality advising plays in student satisfaction and retention. Nominees for the award must show evidence of appropriate advising techniques, be responsive to student questions and student concerns and be knowledgeable about University policies and procedures.


Full-time faculty in CAS (Previous award recipients are ineligible to receive the award again within the following four years.)


The award will carry the following recognition:

  • Up to $250 to apply toward professional development. (All equipment remains the property of Appalachian State University)
  • Engraved plaque presented at the fall CAS Awards Luncheon; her/his name will also be engraved on a plaque to be displayed in the CAS Office of Undergraduate Academic Services.

Nomination Process

The nomination process will take place each academic year. A letter requesting nominations will be sent to all currently enrolled, declared College of Arts and Sciences majors. The nomination form suggests characteristics essential to good advising, and students are asked to address these criteria when completing their nomination form. The nomination forms are returned to the Office of Undergraduate Academic Services, 100 I.G. Greer. 

Selection Process

The Director of the College Advising and Support Services Hub appoints 3-5 faculty members in CAS, including the previous year's award winner, to serve on the Outstanding Advisor Award Committee. The Director convenes the committee, prepares materials and assists in the selection process. The Committee reviews all nominations, solicits additional information as needed, and makes a recommendation to the Dean of CAS.

A letter of recommendation is sent to all nominated advisors. A copy of the letter is sent to each nominated advisor's department chair, and a copy is placed in the advisor's personnel file in the CAS Dean's Office. All nominated advisors are invited to attend the fall CAS Awards Luncheon at which time nominees are recognized and the award is presented.

Previous Award Winners

  • Jeff Holcomb (2022-23)
  • Megen Culpepper (2021-22)
  • Marc Kissel (2020-21)
  • Jenny Morris (2019-20)
  • Diane Mines (2018-19)
  • Joseph Gonzalez (2017-18)
  • Matthew Estep (2016-17)
  • Carol Babyak (2015-16)
  • Michael Hambourger (2014-15)
  • Alexandra Hellenbrand (2013-14)
  • Michael Behrent (2012-13)
  • Leslie Sargent Jones (2011-12)
  • Libby Puckett (2010-11)
  • Lynn Mosteller (2009-10)
  • James Ivory (2008-09)
  • Carol Babak (2007-08)
  • Lynn Mosteller (2006-07)
  • Curtis Ryan (2005-06)
  • Lynn Mosteller (2004-05)
  • Lisa Curtin-Grizzard (2003-04)
  • Beth Davison (2002-03)
  • Elaine O'Quinn (2001-02)
  • Ken Mullen (2000-01)
  • Ken Shull (1999-2000)
  • Barbara Zaitzow (1998-99)