Access and Support


-       Providing access and support for all students

College Resources

  • AppELS Institute - Appalachian's English Language Studies Institute provides exceptional academic English language preparation for study at Appalachian through the integration of intensive language courses, cultural engagement and experiential service.
  • CAS Corp - College Student Ambassador Program
  • CASSH Office - College Advising (esp. Academic Advisers) and other advising resources and mentoring
  • SAFE grants - resources that can be used to support research, travel and other professional development needs
  • Scholarships - College and Departmental scholarships
  • SOAR program - Summer Bridge Program that aims to assist students who would benefit from extra support in math and chemistry as they transition into the rigor of college studies. 

College Liaisons

  • Dr. Carol Babyak, Inclusive Excellence Coordinator
    Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Fermentation Sciences
  • Dr. Tammy Wahpeconiah, Inclusive Excellence Coordinator
    Professor, Department of English

Department Liaisons