Access and Support


-       Providing access and support for all students

College Resources

  • AppELS Institute - Appalachian's English Language Studies (AppELS) Institute provides exceptional academic English language preparation for study at Appalachian through the integration of intensive language courses, cultural engagement and experiential service.
  • CAS Corps - College Student Ambassador Program
  • CASSH Office - College Advising (esp. Academic Advisers) and Other Advising Resources and Mentoring
  • SAFE Grants - Resources to Support Research, Travel and Other Professional Development Needs
  • Scholarships - College and Departmental Scholarships
  • SOAR Program - The STEM Opportunities Are Realized (SOAR) Summer Bridge Program aims to assist students who would benefit from extra support in math and chemistry as they transition into the rigor of college studies. 

College Liaisons

  • Dr. Carol Babyak, Inclusive Excellence Coordinator
    Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Fermentation Sciences
  • Dr. Tammy Wahpeconiah, Inclusive Excellence Coordinator
    Professor, Department of English

Department Liaisons