Parking & Safety

Parking and Traffic

  1. Visit or contact at or (828) 262-2878
  2. Information needed: 
    1. date of your event
    2. location of event
    3. when guests will be arriving
    4. how many cars will need spaces to accommodate the involved participants
  3. Things to consider - will you be needing: 
    1. van shuttles
    2. signage
    3. parking hang tags
    4. volunteers to carry and tote guests' materials, direct participants, etc.

Campus Safety

If you are planning large campus events or events that may cause concern for safety, contact the following departments:

  1. Jason Marshburn, Director of the Department of Environmental Health, Safety and Emergency Management  (EHS&EM), or 828-262-8081.
  2. In the event your department is contacted by an outside group (vendor) or other campus department to host a large campus event (capacity 300 or more people), please contact the Safety and Workers' Compensation Office at 828-262-4007 well in advance of the event to review and discuss possible safety and health related issues associated with the event.