Information Gathering

Gather the following in order to best promote your event:

  1. Title of the talk or event
    1. Date, time, location and parking details if applicable
  2. Biographical information of participant(s), film or content being shared
  3. Headshot of participant(s) (and or book cover or other promotional poster graphics if available) in high resolution along with credits for image(s)
  4. A list of event sponsors or supporting areas on campus
  5. Is this event free? Open to the public? Or are there select audiences only invited (students, alumni, campus-only)? Please stipulate.
    1. Will there be registration, sign-in details or RSVP? Please provide those details if so.
    2. Will there be teacher credits offered? Will there be student credit offered? Share details on how this will be documented.
  6. If alumni are participating, provide their grad year and degree.

Social Media

Request a post or share on Appstate's social media

Submit requests for social media posts and shares on Appstate's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or LinkedIn accounts.

Scala/Digital Signage

Any area can create and share appropriate university-wide messages to campus. Having a Scala system is not required. Learn more about slide sharing at

Campus Announce System

Message Guidelines at for creating a promotional post.

Additional Campus Announcement groups -

Campus Bookstore

Contact John Pearce, Support Services Supervisor, or 828-262-3072 to have a book table at your event, to have a book available for purchase coinciding with your event or for a display in the bookstore related to your event.

Additional materials

Additional materials may include:

  • Poster
  • Flyer
  • Handbill
  • Program

Find university templates at
*For sufficient edits, approval and delivery, requests should be at least 2-3 weeks before the event.

Campus Outreach

  • The University Communications toolbox is a resource for university-approved fonts, colors, titlemarks and more.
  • Reach out to other departments for possible collaboration/partnerships and promotion.
  • Student organizations can co-sponsor events.
  • Contact University Communications at and your Communication Liaison, Ellen Burnette at for the College of Arts and Sciences, to extend event promotions.

Additional Outlets

To distribute thru campus emails, select your audience and go to the appropriate link:

  • Appalachian faculty/staff - go to (see directions above)
  • Parents - contact Parent and Family Services at to request possible inclusion in their newsletter. (Copy when making this request)
  • Alumni - contact the Office of Alumni Affairs and Annual Giving at (Copy and Carey Fissel, when making this request)


To submit to the Appalachian events calendar visit to the Appalachian events calendar must meet specific criteria:

  1. Be open to the public
  2. Be sponsored by the university or by a unit in the university
  3. Include complete information, including the following:
  • Event name
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Event description: What will happen? What will the speaker(s) speak about? What can I expect when I go?
  • Speaker bio or additional info: This can be short and link to the full bio elsewhere
  • Parking: Indicate special parking information, link to
  • Tickets/Cost of Attendance: If there is no cost, indicate the event is "free of charge and open to the public."
  • Sponsors
  • About: This section likely is already written; check the Today website.  
  • Include a photo with a caption or flyer with a description if available.

Review and Approval:

  1. The event will be reviewed to make sure the information provided is complete and accurate before being accepted.
  2. Your event will then appear on the Appalachian events calendar website.
  3. For questions about the review and approval process, contact Wes Craig ( or Pete Montaldi ( in University Communications.

Working with the College

At the college level, we can either create your event on our calendar and immediately add it to the University calendar or if you have a generic account and want the event to live on your calendar, please invite us, in order to add it to ours.

If sending an event to be added to the CAS calendar, email and include in the Subject line - "Event for the CAS Calendar." Please include the same details as outlined above.