Office of University Events

Visit university events for information related to:

  • COVID-19 and Virtual Event Resources
  • University Alcoholic Regulation
  • App Catering and Bakery Policies
  • Facility Use Policy 
  • Parking & Traffic Rules and Regulations 
  • Sustainable Events
  • Tent and Canopy Permit Requirements
  • Accessibility
  • Chancellor or Provost participation request
  • Requesting Yosef or Appalachian State Cheerleaders 
  • Campus Event Guidelines

Office of the Controllers 

Visit the Office of the Controller for special forms and procedures related to:

  • travel
  • vendors (maintenance and information)
  • gifts, awards and prizes

Showing a Film

If showing a film, be sure to review the campus  policies and public performance license:

Serving Alcohol

There is a form required to serve alcohol at an event and must be filled out and approved before the event. It can be found at the bottom of the Appalachian Policy Manual on Alcoholic Beverages under additional resources: and form: (will require login)