Connection to Sustainability: Sustaining human resources, relationships and health; Helping people thrive and overcome barriers; Building the infrastructure for psychological services in rural areas.

Teaching: Mental health, School psychology, Clinical work with obesity & eating disorders, developmental disabilities including autism, substance abuse, anxiety disorders, depression, ADHD and learning disabilities.

Research: Interpersonal relationships; Various psychological disorders; Substance abuse; Gerontology and dementia; Interventions to promote safety; Judgement and decision-making; Adolescents in the judicial system; Rural mental health; Interpersonal violence.

Student Engagement and Outreach Activities: Eight students a year in Clinical Psychology are employed by a grant at our Psychology Clinic, the ASU Counseling Center, or a school based ASC center; Graduate students have internships in Ashe, Alleghency and Watauga schools; The Department trains psychologists to serve rural communities; The Department provides resources in schools in Ashe/Allegheny; Other classes work with the Children's Playhouse, the Blue Ride Conservancy and the Western Youth Network.