Connection to Sustainability: Sub-fields of socio-cultural anthropology, archaeology & biological anthropology; Areas of focus include cultural preservation, sustainable livelihoods, conservation of primate habitat; Prehistoric to contemporary climate change in relation to human adaptation; Ethical & sustainable preservation of human remains; Sustaining relationships with communities studied and served; studies of social change and stability.

Teaching: New Sustainability and Social Practice concentrations within Anthropology; Ethnobotony; Historically examining relationships between communities around the world and state/economy/empire/government/business/NGOs; Public health and alternative healing systems.

Research: Studying environmental issues in India and Ecuador; Energy production and climate change on the Navajo Nation; Ecotourism in the Amazon; Collecting oral histories; Cultural understandings of local environments; Migration and climate change through human history and prehistory; Primate habitat and sociality; Chinese medicine and health

Student Engagement and Outreach Activities: Internships aimed at sustainability/community development and building lasting relationships through repeating internships; Methods course in "Engaged Anthropology;" Offers a 1 month (6 credit) field school over the summer in Ecuador with an ethnographic and linguistic focus; Archaeological field school; Students learning in 3-D scanning technology for open access library for study of skeletal materials.