Summer Grants for Faculty

College of Arts and Sciences Research/Proposal Development Summer Grant

The College of Arts and Sciences will provide $5,000 summer stipend grants to untenured, tenure-track faculty to work on scholarly research, creative projects, and/or external funding proposals that will enhance the transformational experience of our students. The purpose of this grant is to allow untenured faculty to focus on scholarship during the summer. To receive this grant, the applicant must have no teaching duties during one of the five week summer sessions or one of the graduate sessions. These funds are exclusively for salary and cannot be used for equipment, supplies, travel, etc. Stipends must be paid between the beginning of the first summer session and the end of the second summer session. These are state salary funds and are subject to all pertinent taxes. Faculty are eligible to receive a grant once every three years. All untenured, tenure-track faculty are encouraged to apply. Applications are due Monday, October 15, 2018. Please note that this grant is contingent upon available funding. 

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Summer Grant Recipients