New Major Declaration Info

Welcome to the College of Arts & Sciences

The College Advising and Support Services Hub (CASSH) received notice that you have declared or changed your major to one within the College of Arts & Sciences. We look forward to assisting you as you continue your academic career.

*Please be aware that changing your major may increase your time to graduation.

How to contact your departmental advisor:

As a student in the College of Arts & Sciences, you will be required to be advised each semester prior to preregistration for the next term. You will receive your PIN from your faculty advisor. You will not be able to access the registration system without this PIN.

To find the name of your advisor:
You should be assigned an advisor by your department within three weeks of your major change/declaration. You will see your advisor’s name at the top of your DegreeWorks worksheet on the left in the gold boxes. If you do not see your advisor's name after the three week period, contact your major department. You should plan to visit your new department within the next two weeks to discuss prerequisites and requirements to ensure your new major is a good fit. Departmental contact information/location is provided below:

For all Hickory Campus students (as noted under your "Campus Code" in DegreeWorks): You will be working directly with the Hickory CASSH advisor, Emily Cunningham. A faculty mentor may be assigned at a later date. Should you wish to make an appointment with Emily, please use her appointment link found here. You will be required to meet with Emily each semester to receive your registration PIN.

Anthropology: (828) 262-2295, 348 Anne Belk Hall

Biology: (828) 262-3025, 208 Rankin Science South

Chemistry & Fermentation Sciences: (828) 262-3010, 417 Garwood Hall

Computer Science: (828) 262-2370, 312P Anne Belk Hall

English: (828) 262-3098, 124 Edwin Duncan Hall

Geography & Planning: (828) 262-3000, 323A Rankin Science West

Geological & Environmental Sciences: (828) 262-3049, 033 Rankin Science West

Government & Justice Studies: (828) 262-3085, 352 Anne Belk Hall

History: (828) 262-2282, 248 Anne Belk Hall

Interdisciplinary Studies: (828) 262-3177, 113 Living Learning Center

Languages, Literatures & Cultures: (828) 262-3095, 101 LS Dougherty Hall

Mathematical Sciences: (828) 262-3050, 342 Walker Hall

Philosophy & Religion: (828) 262-3089, 114 IG Greer Hall

Physics & Astronomy: (828) 262-3090, 231 Garwood Hall

Psychology: (828) 262-2272, Smith Wright Hall

Rural Resilience & Innovation: Veterinary Technology Program - Contact CASSH Advising, (828) 262-3076, 100 IG Greer Hall

Sociology: (828) 262-2293, 209 Chapell Wilson Hall

Important Info:

Review of your academic progress:
Please use DegreeWorks to monitor your progress towards graduation. If you and your advisor would like to make a substitution to any requirement listed in DegreeWorks, you must have the chair approve the substitution and forward their approval to our office. Once the approval reaches our office, we will make the adjustment in DegreeWorks. Until you see this official change in DegreeWorks, you are responsible for meeting the normal requirements as indicated on your worksheet.

Applying for graduation:
You are required to apply for graduation at the beginning of the semester PRIOR TO the semester in which you will actually graduate. See the Registrar's website for specific dates. The College Advising and Support Services Hub (CASSH) in 100 I. G. Greer Hall will provide a senior check for you during the term prior to your graduation. This will be emailed to you and will provide vital information about coursework necessary to complete your degree on time. Please note: Commencement and graduation are NOT the same thing! You graduate when you have completed ALL requirements; commencement is a ceremony to celebrate your accomplishments and is held twice per year. Participating in commencement does NOT guarantee graduation.

For Information about policy & procedure, and for electronic forms:
Please explore our "Advising - Academic Policies" section of our website or call our office at (828) 262-3076. We invite you to contact us whenever we can be of assistance to you in matters relating to your academic program. Please remember that you are ultimately responsible for maintaining a current knowledge of policies and for meeting all University requirements for your degree(s). 

Again, welcome to the College of Arts & Sciences. We wish you success in your chosen major, and we hope that the remainder of your academic career is enjoyable and productive. If you need anything, contact our office at: