Advising in the College

Our Commitment to Advising

The College of Arts and Sciences takes its advising mission seriously. We are committed to providing you with the tools and information you need to be effective advisors. Academic advising is a team effort that includes faculty, department chairpersons, academic services personnel and the Dean's Office.

Responsibilities of Advising Team Members

The College Advising and Support Services Hub (CASSH):

  • Distributes advising information to each department
  • Responds to faculty advisors' requests
  • Provides advisors with the following:
    • Workshops on specific advising-related topics, as requested
    • Updates of policies that affect Arts and Sciences majors
    • Periodic evaluations of advising, and assistance in responding to student concerns
    • Advising information for distribution to faculty and students
  • Maintains and updates DegreeWorks audit information to ensure faculty and students can access correct audits
  • Provides senior checks for students with 85+ earned semester hours
  • Certifies students for graduation

Faculty Advisors:

  • Explain to students the policies and requirements for degrees
  • Assist students with planning semester schedules
  • Discuss academic plans that meet students' academic and career goals
  • Assist students with wise career decisions
  • Direct students to the appropriate department or outlet for personal, academic, and financial issues

Department Chairpersons:

  • Assume a leadership role in stressing the importance of advising
  • Determine needs of advisors in the department and ensure advisors have opportunities for additional training if needed
  • Communicate to advisors and students a written, clear summary of the advising procedures in the department

Advisors should take their advising mission seriously, recognizing its importance to the student, to the success of the departmental programs and to the success of the University's mission.