Student Forms

Process for completion of forms for undergraduate students only (graduate students - please scroll to the bottom of the page for more information):

  1. Student completes all necessary form requests.
  2. Student needs to email the completed form(s) to their instructor of the course. When the student sends the form to the instructor the student needs to copy the following e-mail addresses: Departmental Chairperson of the course request and
  3. Both the instructor and the departmental chairperson (and/or assistant chairperson depending on department-specific protocols) will need to review the request and reply all with their approval or denial of the submitted form(s).
  4. Once all approvals are received by the CAS office, the form(s) will be processed.

 ***Departments please note: Each email should be specific to a single student.  For appropriate documentation purposes, forms should not be sent in one communication for multiple students.***

The following forms are PDF files or links to other University pages: