Departmental Scholarships

For more information on each scholarship and to apply visit If you have specific questions, see contacts based on each department below.


Contact Dr. Krista Lewis, Department Chair

  • Dr. L. Jill Loucks Memorial Scholarship in Anthropology Endowment
  • Dr. L. Jill Loucks Summer Stipends
  • Stephen Richard Weller Memorial Scholarship for Anthropology


  • Dr. Susan E. Keefe Award for Practicing Anthropology
  • Dr. L. Jill Loucks Memorial Award for Outstanding Senior


Contact Dr. Ava Udvadia, Department Chair

  • Bill Hubbard Memorial Scholarship in Biology Endowment
  • Biology Alumni and Faculty Emeriti Endowed Scholarship
  • Dr. Carolyn H. Hampton Research Scholarship for Biology
  • Dr. F. Ray Derrick Endowed Biology Scholarship
  • Dr. Kevin Bell Memorial Endowed Optometry Scholarship
  • Ida Belle Ledbetter Memorial Scholarship in Biology Endowment
  • James C. Greene Graduate Fellowship in the Sciences (Graduate)
  • Lloyd L. Hobbs Memorial Scholarship for the Physical Sciences
  • Mitchell D. Hoyl and Paul A. Patacchiola Scholarship in Biology
  • Wayne R. Richardson Memorial Graduate Fellowship for Biology (Graduate)


  • Gary Walker Outstanding Graduate Student in Biology Award
  • Richard Henson Biology Endowed Field Trip Fund

Chemistry and Fermentation Sciences

Contact Dr. Jennifer Cecile, Interim Department Chair

  • A.R. Smith Chemistry Memorial Scholarship Endowment 
  • Jake Whitaker Memorial Scholarship in Chemistry 
  • Lloyd L. Hobbs Memorial Scholarship for the Physical Sciences
  • Martella Fermentation Sciences Diversity Endowment

Computer Science

Contact Dr. James Fenwick, Department Chair

  • Advisory Board Scholarship for Excellence in Computer Science
  • Camelot Scholarship for Computer Science
  • ECRS Computer Science Innovation and Entrepreneurship Scholarship
  • Edith A. Goodman Memorial Scholarship for Mathematics and Computer Science Endowment
  • John W. and Mary L. Taylor Memorial Scholarship for Math and Computer Science Endowment 
  • Mark Harris Endowed Scholarship for Computer Science
  • Samanage Success Scholarship for Computer Science
  • S-STEM Scholarship Program


Contact Dr. Leonardo Flores, Department Chair

  • Cratis D. Williams Memorial Scholarship in English Endowment 
  • Department of English Endowed Scholarship 
  • Dr. Hans G. Heymann Scholarship for English "Honors" Students
  • Ella Thompson Hobbs Endowed Scholarship for English Majors
  • Graydon and Daisy Eggers English Scholarship Endowment
  • Jeffrey Kermit Lowe Memorial for English Majors Endowment
  • Jeni Gray Memorial Endowed Scholarship in English
  • Kate Peterson Scholarship for English
  • Mary Montgomery Dunlap Scholarship in English
  • Mary Willis Shores Memorial Scholarship in English
  • Richard H. Rupp and Henree Rupp Study Abroad Scholarship for the English Department
  • Rogers and Janice Whitener Creative Writing Scholarship
  • The Rosemary Horowitz Memorial Scholarship


  • John Foster West Endowed Creative Writing Prize
  • Loyd Hilton Endowed Award for Excellence in English
  • Majorie South Idol Prize for Fiction and Creative Prose
  • Majorie South Idol Prize for Poetry
  • Marian Coe Scholarship in Creative Writing
  • Truman Capote Literary Trust Scholarship for Creative Writing

Geography and Planning

Contact Dr. Saskia van de Gevel, Department Chair

  • ASU Local Government Alumni Association Planning Scholarship
  • Faye and Moses Crutchfield Outstanding Planning Student Award
  • Geography Scholarship for International Study
  • Jennifer DeHart Scholarship in Geography
  • Julian Yoder Outstanding Geography Student Scholarship 
  • Neal Lineback “Geography in the News” Scholarship
  • Robert E. Reiman Scholarship Endowment for Geography and Planning
  • Stephen Vacendak Graduate Fellowship for Geography (Graduate)

Geological and Environmental Sciences

Contact Dr. Cynthia Liutkus-Pierce, Department Chair

  • aGES Undergraduate Research Assistantships
  • Fred Webb, Jr. and Barbara Haynes Webb Endowed Scholarship for Geology Summer Field Course 
  • Lloyd L. Hobbs Memorial Scholarship for the Physical Sciences
  • Loren A. Raymond Student Research Scholarship Endowment
  • Mark DeBroder Memorial Scholarship Endowment for Geology
  • McKinney Paleontology Scholarship Fund
  • Triassic Trip Endowment Scholarship


  • Geological and Environmental Sciences Transfer Student Award

Government & Justice Studies

Contact Dr. Cathy Marcum, Department Chair

  • Andy Nobles Memorial Scholarship for Criminal Justice
  • David Sutton Endowment Fund for Political Science and Criminal Justice
  • Dr. Edward M. Allen Jr. Scholarship for Political Science
  • Government and Justice Studies Opportunities Scholarship
  • Jimmy C. Draughn Scholarship for Local Government 
  • Mark Don Browder III Insurance Memorial Scholarship
  • Marvin Hoffman Local Government Scholarship
  • Matt Winn Williamson Scholarship for Town, City, County Manager
  • Mayor Roy Maness Local Government Endowment
  • North Carolina Sheriff's Association Scholarship in Criminal Justice
  • North Carolina City and County Managers Association Scholarship
  • Robert G. Hester Scholarship Endowment for Local Government
  • Roland Frederick Moy Study Away Scholarship
  • Southern Corrosion Local Government Association Scholarship Endowment
  • Utility Services Local Government Scholarship


  • Richter H. Moore, Jr. Law and Society Research Award (Graduate)


Contact Dr. James Goff, Department Chair

  • Clara Dougherty Brown Memorial Scholarship in History Endowment
  • Dr. H. Lawrence Bond Memorial Scholarship for History
  • Evelyn Shepherd and Brenda Greene History Scholarship
  • History Matters Scholarship
  • Joseph E. Sawyer Jr. Scholarship for History
  • Mary Etta Moretz Scholarship
  • Professor Thomas K. Keefe History Scholarship
  • Robert D. Warren Endowed History Scholarship 
  • The Benjamin Frosst Little Endowed Scholarship for International Travel
  • The Dr. Donald B. Saunders Memorial Scholarship for History Honors Students
  • Worth Sweet Scholarship for History, Secondary Education

Interdisciplinary Studies

Contact Dr. Maria Pramaggiore, Department Chair

  • Anne and Alex Bernhardt Endowed Scholarship in Appalachian Music
  • Cratis D. Williams Memorial Graduate Fellowship in Appalachian Studies Endowment (Graduate)
  • Do Unto Others Scholarship in Appalachian Studies (Graduate)
  • Dr. Carl A. and Charlotte T. Ross Scholarship for Appalachian Studies
  • Edward J. Cabbell Endowed Scholarship in Appalachian Studies (Graduate for Research/Travel)
  • Frances Holland Black Endowment for Women's Studies
  • The Arthel (Doc) Watson Endowed Scholarship for Traditional Mountain Music
  • William C. Lindley, Jr. Memorial Scholarship for the Center for Appalachian Studies (Graduate)

Languages, Literatures & Cultures

Contact Dr. Paul Worley, Department Chair

  • Foreign Language and Literatures Endowment

Mathematical Sciences

Contact Dr. Tracie Salinas, Department Chair

  • G. T. Buckland Scholarship in Mathematics Endowment
  • Edith A. Goodman Memorial Scholarship for Mathematics and Computer Science Endowment
  • Inez Harris Scholarship in Mathematics Endowment
  • John W. and Mary L. Taylor Memorial Scholarship for Math and Computer Sciences Endowment
  • Palmer Math Transfer Student Scholarship
  • Paul Patterson Memorial Scholarship in Mathematics Endowment
  • S-STEM Scholarship Program


  • George Dewey Bingham, D.D.S. Endowed Award for Mathematics
  • Jimmy Smith/Bill Paul Endowment for Mathematics Education (Graduate - Math Secondary Education Concentration)

Philosophy and Religion

Contact Dr. Mathew Foust, Department Chair

  • Charles T. Davis Scholarship in Philosophy and Religion Endowment
  • The Richard T. Guy Scholarship for Philosophy

Physics and Astronomy

Contact Dr. Tonya Coffey, Department Chair

  • Andy Graham Lecture Demonstration Scholarship for Physics and Astronomy
  • Jack and Roger Graham Endowed Scholarship for Physics and Astronomy
  • James C. Greene Graduate Fellowship in the Sciences (Graduate)
  • Jeremy and Rebecca Ehret Scholarship in Physics and Astronomy
  • Laurance Brown Memorial Scholarship Endowment for Physics and Astronomy
  • Lloyd L. Hobbs Memorial Scholarship for the Physical Sciences


  • J. W. Byrd Endowed Award for Physics - Outstanding Senior Award
  • Karl C. Mamola Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Physics and Astronomy Research
  • The Walter C. Connolly Award for Physics


Contact Dr. Rose Mary Webb, Department Chair

  • Donna Jane Clark Memorial Fellowship for Clinical Psychology (graduate)
  • Dr. Frank R. Terrant, Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Psychology
  • Dr. Paul Fox Scholarship for Psychology Majors
  • Drs. Eric and Carole Hatch Memorial Scholarship Fund for Psychology
  • Finley and Lillian Moore and the D. Frank and Gail Moore Memorial Endowed Scholarship in School Psychology (graduate)
  • James Long and Elizabeth Whitener Long Scholarship for Education and Psychology (admissions)


  • WiSE Research and Travel Awards


Contact Dr. Cameron Lippard, Department Chair

  • Albert and Maxine Hughes Scholarship in Sociology
  • Ann Louise Page Endowment for Excellence in Sociology
  • Janice Rienerth Endowment for Sociology

Watauga Residential College

Contact Dr. Laura Ammon, Director

  • McFarlane Family International Travel and Research Endowment for Watauga Global Community
  • Watauga Residential Scholarship

For more information on each scholarship and to apply visit