During elementary school, I remember going on a field trip to the local community college. My class piled into a bus and excitedly chattered about the solar eclipse we were Neva J. Specht, the Dean of College of Arts and Sciencesgoing to see. From where I lived in Iowa, the eclipse was going to be almost complete, which I now know to be a pretty big deal! We had created shoebox viewers, learned about viewing safety and then stood around waiting for the event. I didn’t realize then how lucky I was to have the chance to view something as rare as an almost total eclipse. This summer, I will once again have the chance to see a solar eclipse only this time it will be in Western North Carolina. Boone will experience 96% coverage!

In anticipation for the August 21 eclipse the College of Arts and Sciences has a number of events leading up to and following the big day! I hope you’ll take time to learn about the eclipse through the many events we have planned and information we have posted on our college website. Please join us the day of the eclipse on Sanford Mall to grab a pair of protective glasses and view the eclipse or see the eclipse through telescopes. You can also join us virtually by following the live stream found here. I am glad to have another opportunity to witness an eclipse, and this time I really appreciate what a rare opportunity it is.