Curriculum Proposals

Arts and Sciences Curriculum Proposal Process for 2018-2019

All curriculum proposals (new courses, program changes, deletes etc) must follow the procedures defined by the Undergraduate Academic Policies and Procedure Committee (AP&P). Please refer to the AP&P website for more details. Likewise, any changes to courses in the General Education curriculum must follow those proceduees defined by the General Education Council. Please refer to the Gen Ed website for more details.

To submit proposals to the College of Arts and Sciences Council, please refer to these General Instructions and make sure to use the approriate File Naming Protocol. That naming process will apply for all forms (A, B and C) as well as other supporting materials, such as syllabi, programs of study etc.


  • Complete the AP&P and/or General Education forms necessary for your proposals. All forms are writable PDF. Note: Mac users must use Adobe Acrobat (NOT Mac Preview or a browser viewer) to view and complete forms.
    • For CHANGES and DELETIONS to existing courses, degrees, concentrations, certificates, minors, second academic concentrations, policies etc. -- complete AP&P Proposal Form A (Part A only) (PDF, 226KB)
    • For ADDITIONS (new courses, degrees, concentrations, certificates, minors, second academic concentrations, etc.) -- complete AP&P Proposal Forms A and B (PDF, 313KB)
    • For changes to courses in General Education or to propose a new course for General Education credit  -- complete Gen Ed Form C (PDF, 207KB)
  • Complete all supporting attachments using Word format. Use the ASU Online Bulletin to access catalog copy, course descriptions, programs of study, etc and use "copy/paste" to transfer to a Word document.  Make sure to paste using the "Merge Formatting" control.
  • Any changes to existing documents should be noted as follows:
    •  "Insertions" should be noted in blue font.
    •   "Deletions" should be noted with red strike-through.
    •   "Moves" should be noted in green font.
  • Please contact Dr. Jeni Wyatt ( if your are making substantial changes to your programs of study (POS) or if you have any questions about POS changes.
  • For question #5, make sure to notify the Registrar's Office, and if appropriate, the Graduate School of your changes. They need to assign new course numbers if necessary, or check naming change impacts, etc.
  • For question #6, you will need to identify courses and POS that may be affected by your proposal. To do this, use the "Advanced Search " option (top left) on the undergraduate or graduate online bulletin. Enter the course, or other keyword, check "FInd whole word or phase only", and check the appropriate boxes to the right.  If looking for course and POS impacts then check "Courses" and Programs".  Contact all affected departments or programs and note their responses.
  • Once proposals have been approved by the department, email the form (pdf) and supporting attachments (Word) to Lauren Stansberry ( and Dru Henson ( Please put "Curriculum" in the subject line. Please see the table below for submission deadlines.
  • The proposals will be reviewed by the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Curriculum Subcommittee to review. A department/program representative will need to attend the subcommittee meeting to answer any questions that might arise. You will be contacted by the subcommittee chair.
  • Following review by the subcommittee, proposals for CAS Council will be posted to the AsULearn "CAS Prop" site and summaries will go out with the agenda 5 days before the CAS Council meeting.
  • For changes to only the semester offering of a course, please send an email to Lauren Stansberry ( and Dru Henson ( stating the request. The dean's office will then send that information as an FYI to
  • Following approval at CAS Council, proposals will be routed through other Councils (General Education, Council on Professional Education, Honors Council, Undergraduate AP&P, Graduate AP&P) as needed. A department/program representative will need to attend the various Council meetings to answer any questions that may arise. You will receive an email reminder of those dates. Master List of Committee/Council Submission and Meeting Dates
  • Undergraduate AP&P has an AsULearn site where all submitted proposals will be posted for AP&P review. If you have proposals for the upcoming AP&P meeting, you will be added to the AP&P listserv for the time between submission of your proposals and the meeting. You will be expected to address any questions or concerns that are raised on the AsULearn Forum. Additionally, you will be expected to send a department/program representative to the AP&P meeting to answer any questions that may arise.

 Members of the 2018-2019 Arts and Sciences Curriculum Subcommittee:

  • Dr. TIm Smith*, Chairperson, Department of Anthropology
  • Dr. Claudia Cartaya-Marin, Chairperson, Department of Chemistry and Fermentation Sciences
  • Dr. Kevin Schilbrack, Chairperson, Department of Philosophy and Religion
  • Dr. Rahman Tashakkori, Chairperson, Department of Computer Science
  • Dr. Rose Mary Webb, Chairperson, Department of Psychology
  • Dr. Jeni Wyatt, Director of the College Advising and Support Services Hub, College of Arts and Sciences (ex-officio)
  • Dr. Dru Henson, Senior Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences (ex-officio)

* Subcommittee Chairperson

2018-2019 Curriculum Proposal Dates

Submission Deadline

Subcommittee Meeting

A&S Council Meeting



 Sept. 4, 2018

Sept. 7, 2018

 Sept. 19, 2018

 Oct. 2, 2018

Oct. 5, 2018

 Oct. 17, 2018

 Nov. 13, 2018

Nov. 5, 2018*

 Nov. 14, 2018*

 Dec. 4, 2018*




Jan. 11, 2019

 Jan. 23 , 2019

 Feb. 5, 2019

Feb. 11, 2019

 Feb. 20, 2019

 Mar. 12, 2019

Mar. 8, 2019

 Mar. 20, 2019

 Apr. 2, 2019

Apr. 5, 2019

 Apr. 17, 2019

 May 7, 2019

*Last meeting to have proposals considered in time to make the 2019 fall catalog.