Educational Information


Proper Use and Safety Precautions: 
Solar viewing glasses 

  • 1. Never look directly at the Sun without proper eye protection (for proper eye protection, use glasses with a transmission of ISO 12312-2). 
  • 2. Place solar glasses in front of your eyes before looking at the Sun and look away before removing glasses. 
  • 3. Inspect lenses before each use - if lens is scratched or punctured discard glasses, they are no longer safe. 
  • 4. Do not use/look at the Sun for longer than 3 minutes continuously (take breaks). 
  • 5. Do not use binoculars with the solar glasses as the light the binoculars focus can damage your eye, even with the glasses. Do not drive while wearing these glasses. 
  • 6. Do not use with diseased eyes or after eye surgery. 
  • 7. Discard and do not use after three years.

The College of Arts and Sciences will provide solar viewing glasses for events on campus the day of the eclipse. 
For the month of July, the Dark Sky Observatory will be giving away glasses at their free day time events.
For more on safety tips and ways to view the eclipse if you do not have the proper eyewear protection, please watch our educational videos!