How to Declare a Minor

How to Declare / Change a Minor:

The B.A. degree requires a minor outside the academic discipline of the major.

For example: A B.A. English student must have a minor from outside the English department. The minor can be from a College outside the College of the major or from within the College of major. If you are an advisor, you can find the requirements for all minors in the Undergraduate Bulletin, and there are programs of study for all minors.

Remember that majors, core/general education and minors must all have the same catalog year, so when you are looking for the requirements of a minor, make sure you are searching the correct corresponding catalog year. 

To Declare a Minor:

Students who have already declared their majors in the College of Arts & Sciences, should complete the Change of Program form found at:

Students who have declared majors in other colleges should complete the Change of Major/Minor form for the college of their major and turn it in to the Dean’s Office for that college. 

To Change a Minor:

Students who have already declared their minors may wish to change them. Students must complete the same Change of Program form they used to declare the minor and turn it in to the appropriate Dean’s Office.

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