Education in Action

Wonder what courses are like in the college? Watch these short films to experience the education and opportunities, inside and outside the classroom.


"You are a student with a name, and a face, and we know your interest and your goals, and we want to help you get there."

Anthropology at Appstate


"Technical communication is taught through the lens of sustainability, and sustainability is really important to the College of Arts and Sciences, it's important to the university, and it's really important to our students."

English Video Cover

Fermentation Sciences

"The department of fermentation sciences is a place where students learn how to use microorganisms for preserving food, making alcoholic beverages, cleaning up the environment."

Fermentation Sciences Education in Action at Appstate

Geological and Environmental Sciences

"Appalachian is a great place to study geology, because geology made these mountains."

Geological and Environmental Sciences video


"Most of our students are not poor, and they are not from poor families. I wanted them to have the real experience of poverty. The students are very affected by it, and they become very enthusiastic in trying to do something about it."

history video cover

Interdisciplinary Studies (Formerly CGG)

"Peace Studies is about learning how to work across disciplines with people from multiple fields to create holistic and lasting world with more effective conflict resolution...What we're hoping to do is to help people to do conflict more effectively, because conflict helps you grow, it helps you become more mature."

IDS video cover

Languages, Literatures & Cultures

"Here at Appalachian, if you are getting involved in the language department, it’s very small. It’s very close knit and you are not just getting involved in a major, you are getting involved in a family."

LLC video


"One of the the things I love about this program is right from the beginning you start working with volunteer clients...who actually discuss real issues. In my experience you learn very quickly that way, and I'm grateful for my training every day now that I am doing it."

Psych Video Cover