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Minerals from around the world donated to Appalachian’s geology department
Jan 25, 2016

BOONE—A collection representing one man's lifetime fascination with minerals has been donated to the Department of Geology at Appalachian State Univers

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Grains of sand hold clues to the history of Alaska’s glaciers
Dec 14, 2015

BOONE—Show most people a core sample from the ocean floor and they only see mud. Ellen Cowan sees a ribbon of time dating back 1 million years or more.

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Geology faculty and students contribute to better understanding of early climate change during the Devonian and Carboniferous Periods
Dec 14, 2015

BOONE—A five-year UNESCO and International Union of Geological Sciences project on the interaction between climate change and the earth's biodiversity, IGCP 596, has culminated in the book "Planet Earth – In Deep Time," co-edited by Professor Johnny Waters at Appalachian State Univer

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Appalachian professor develops software to study tornadoes with National Geographic
Dec 10, 2015

BOONE - Each year in the spring, Dr. Anton Seimon, Research Assistant Professor at Appalachian State University in the Department of Geography and Planning, heads to the Midwestern Great Plains with his family to observe severe thunderstorms and tornadoes.

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College of Arts and Sciences develops new fund to support faculty and students
Dec 1, 2015

BOONE - This fall the College of Arts and Sciences established the Student and Faculty Excellence Fund (SAFE Fund), an endowment and annual fund born out of necessity for more substantial faculty and student academic support.

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What is the Microscopy Lab?
Nov 3, 2015

Boone - Dr. Guichuan Hou (Biology) came to Appalachian State University in 2006 to run the William C. and Ruth Anne Dewel Microscopy Facility. There you can find him presiding over the use and maintenance of the universities most expensive microscopes.

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X-rays uncover gut of 320-million-year-old animal
Oct 29, 2015

BRISTOL, ENGLAND—The inner workings of a tiny fossil have been studied using X-ray microscopy, revealing evidence of its digestive system for the first time.

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The Visualization Lab: Appalachian’s window on Earth
Oct 27, 2015

BOONE-Walk into Rankin Hall on the Appalachian State University campus and you will walk through labyrinthian hallways and corridors crisscro

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Fermentation Sciences Program research could revolutionize how chocolate is made
Sep 22, 2015

BOONE — What do wine, yogurt, beer, sourdough, crème fraîche, soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, sour cream, whisky and kombucha all have in common besides being delicious? They all undergo fermentation using defined starter cultures.

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