Grants and Research

The team receiving the Expedition of the Year award in Atlanta, G.A..  From left: Olivia Paschall, a senior geology major from Grand Rapids, Michigan; Dr. Sarah Carmichael (associate professor of geology, PI, expedition leader); Dr. Johnny Waters (professor emeritus in Geology, co-PI, expedition co-leader) and Allison Dombrowski, a junio geology major from Raleigh. Photo submitted.

The Explorers Club of Atlanta grants Appalachian Undergraduate Students and Faculty “Expedition of the Year” Award
Dec 10, 2018

“Looking for mass extinctions in all the ‘wrong’ places: the Late Devonian of Mongolia,” a research expedition featuring Appalachian State Uni...

ASC Centers operate through an interdisciplinary team of school personnel, Appalachian graduate students and Appalachian faculty who, together, discuss each student referral’s issues and needs. Here, Dr. Kurt Michael, second from right, and Jennifer Wandler, Watauga High School social worker and ASC coordinator, look at a computer file as other ASC Center team members look on. Photo by Marie Freeman

Teens and mental health
Nov 30, 2018

Dr. Kurt Michael says he got “a front-seat view of human suffering” while volunteering for a crisis line for three years as a psychology major at ...

 STARTALK, a project funded by the National Security Agencyand administered by the National Foreign Language Center, 15 High Country high school students with limited or no previous exposure to Chinese language and culture participated in a three-week Chinese immersion program at Appalachian State University.

Appalachian’s Drs. Xiaofei Tu and Wendy Xie awarded STARTALK grant for 2018 Chinese immersion program
Nov 20, 2018

Thanks to a grant from STARTALK, a project funded by the National Security Agencyand administered by the National Foreign Language Cent...

Dr. Jon Carter, who has researched undocumented migration from Honduras for 20 years. Photo by Chase Reynolds

Appalachian’s Dr. Jon Carter offers historical context for ‘migrant caravan,’ points to U.S. free-trade policies of 1990s
Nov 5, 2018

Why are thousands of Hondurans migrating en masse to the U.S. border? Appalachian State University sociocultural anthropologist Dr. Jon Carter&nb...

Flag of the USC Shoah Foundation's Center for Advanced Genocide Research and the Holocaust Studies Program at Western Galilee College in Israel

Funding available for Conference in Israel through CJHPS
Oct 24, 2018

In mid-March 2019, the Center for Judaic, Holocaust and Peace Studies will be holding its first conference in Israel. The result of a partnership with...

Dr. Ellen Lamont, Department of Sociology and senior Cultural, Gender and Global Studies major, Sope Kahn - photo submitted and photo by Ellen Gwin Burnette

Faculty and student research on Navigating Campus Hookup Culture
Sep 27, 2018

Current research examples of the college hookup scene consistently show it to be heavily gendered and heteronormative. In spite of the extensive resea...

What is a forest carbon offset? According to its website, The Climate Trust defines a forest carbon offset as “a metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) — the emission of which is avoided or newly stored — that is purchased by greenhouse gas emitters to compensate for emissions occurring elsewhere.”

Appalachian Carbon Research Group awarded UNC System funding to develop accounting guidelines for forest carbon offset projects
Sep 18, 2018

Members of Appalachian State University’s Carbon Research Group (ACRG) will expand upon their multidisciplinary work through an inter-institutional ...

A needle draws a vaccine from a vial. Dr. Brooke Christian, assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry at Appalachian, will use funding from a UNC System grant to research a novel strategy for drug stabilization during delivery and storage — one that would eliminate the need for refrigeration. Shutterstock/Numstocker image

UNC System funds Appalachian research on new drug storage and delivery method
Aug 31, 2018

At least one link in the “cold chain” supply of drugs could be broken thanks to research conducted by faculty at Appalachian State University and ...

The Engare Sero footprint site in Northern Tanzania, Africa. Photo by Cynthia Liutkus-Pierce

Disappearing footprints in Tanzania
Aug 27, 2018

Appalachian researchers use photogrammetry to quantify erosion at ancient footprint site...

This image displays the prehistoric Dunkleosteus — a large, armored fish that existed during the Late Devonian period, or about 380–360 years ago. Image by Jaime Chirinos/Science Photo Library

The Paleontological Society funds Appalachian research into what role a lack of oxygen played in the Late Devonian mass extinction
Jul 26, 2018

 Using a $5,000 grant awarded by The Paleontological Society, Appalachian State University’s Dr. Cole Edwards and his team of student rese...