Fast Facts

Providing a Liberal Arts & Sciences Education

liber: li·ber, \ˈlī-bər, ˈlē-ber\, noun - free and unrestricted

The goal of a liberal arts education is to provide knowledge and understanding to develop intellectual capacities like reason and judgment.

A liberal arts education provides not just a specific trade, but a skill set for individuals to learn, adapt, act and thrive as individuals, as community stewards and as global citizens.

The College

16 departments

academic programs


residential college

Quick Numbers

5,850 students

91 majors offered

451 full-time faculty

67 staff

The Facts

32% of degrees awarded in the University are from the College

Over 70% of all general education is taught in the College

48% of student credit hours produced on campus

21 out of 38 buildings on campus house CAS programs (fall 2016)

118 out of 203  general classrooms are used for CAS classes (fall 2016)

68 out of 155 designated lab classrooms are CAS teaching labs

50% of the Office of International Education and Development (OIED) competitive scholarships have gone to CAS students for the last two years

$4.2 million awarded to the college in external grants during 2016-17 academic year

Approximately 36,500 living alumni




Undergraduate internships in 30 states and Washington, D.C. 2014-2017


Graduate internships in 19 states and Washington, D.C. 2014-2017


International undergraduate internships 2016-2017 including countries such as:
Colombia, Canada, South Africa, Zambia, Germany, Kenya, Romania, Maruitius, Spain, Egypt, India, China, United Kingdom, Malawi, Japan, Australia, Peru and Honduras


International Connections

621 CAS students studied abroad from 2014-2016

19 Current international degree- seeking CAS students 2016-2017

11 CAS international teaching scholars during 2015-2017

29 CAS international internships 2016-2017

Fulbright Awards in 2017:  Dr. Susan Lappan (Anthropology); Mr. Ryan Hellenbrand (2017 Graduate)


Student Research and Creative Endeavors

74% of student participants in the Appalachian Celebration of Student Research & Creative Endeavors

65% of University Student Research Grants are given to CAS students

67% of University Student Travel Grants are given to CAS students

Scholarships for Students

The College of Arts and Sciences awarded 6 college-wide scholarships and the 16 college departments gave 95 departmental scholarships (80 endowed and 15 current fund scholarships) for the 2017-2018 academic year. Learn more about the scholarhips offered and the students that they have assisted,

Pre-Professional Preparation

  • Pre-Medical School
  • Pre-Dental School
  • Pre-Pharmacy School
  • Pre-Veterinarian School
  • Pre-Law
  • Pre-Engineering
  • Pre-Seminary

Teacher Licensure

  • Biology (9-12)
  • French (K-12)
  • Mathematics (9-12)
  • Chemistry (9-12)
  • Geology -Earth Science (9-12)
  • Spanish (K-12)
  • English (9-12)
  • History (9-12)
  • Physics (9-12)

Accelerated Master's Program 

Core Facilities and Labs

Animal Facility

Microscopy Lab

Dark Sky Observatory

Rankin Observatory

Visualization Lab

Archeology Ethnography Lab