SAFE Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Cameron Gokee

SAFE Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Cameron Gokee
Dr. Cameron Gokee, assistant professor, Department of Anthropology
Project: “Historical Landscapes through the Microscope: Building a Reference Collection for Ceramic Petrography Research and Teaching”

SAFE grant funds made possible the preparation of microscope thin-sections for more than 90 pottery shards from sites in North Carolina and Senegal. These thin-sections will arrive in the Microscopy and Landscape Archaeology Labs at Appalachian State, where they will provide a basis for petrographic analyses to be done in collaboration with students and colleagues in Anthropology and Geological and Environmental Sciences over the next 1-2 years.

“At a minimum, our research outputs will include an article interpreting petrographic data from the site of Diouboye in Senegal and an article manuscript interpreting petrographic data from the site of Garden Creek in North Carolina.

With the arrival of the thin-sections, this project will immediately begin to enhance undergraduate education and research. Students will gain first-hand experience with the petrographic analysis of archaeological pottery for publication in the next 1-2 years,” explained Gokee.

Additionally, these thin sections from pottery in North Carolina and Senegal will become a permanent resource for students learning to analyze ceramic artifacts in courses such as Microscopy in Archaeology (ANT 3260), Ceramics for the Archaeologist (ANT 3555) and perhaps also complementary courses in Geological and Environmental Sciences.

“The petrographic analysis of prehistoric pottery from North Carolina and Senegal will showcase the cutting-edge resources and research opportunities for undergraduate students available in the archaeological lab facilities here at Appalachian State University,” said Gokee.


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Dr. Cameron Gokee, assistant professor, Department of Anthropology. Photo submitted.
Published: Jul 14, 2022 4:56pm