CAS Corps Feature: Angela Sajewicz

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Angela Sajewicz

Year: Junior
Major: Criminal Justice (International Relations)
Hometown: Wake Forest, N.C.

Which clubs or organizations are you a member of?

  • AHA! (Appalachian Honors Association)

  • RIEEE Science and Technologies for Phosphorus Sustainability (STEPS) Program

What scholarship(s) have you received from Appalachian or while studying at Appalachian?

  • Honors College Study Abroad Scholarship

  • North Carolina Scholarship

  • Qualified Scholarship

What research or coursework have you been most passionate about?

"I have been most passionate in coursework revolving women's incarceration, specifically when I get to research the current policies in place and the history of womens incarceration. Hopefully, I will do my Honors Thesis on this and maybe expand my research to look at international policies."

Which location(s) do you hope to visit for an internship, a study abroad trip, a research experience, or just for fun?

"Ideally, for an internship I would love to visit the UK. While a popular spot, I would be super intersted in seeing how their justice system compares to ours and to the study differences (a pro is that I would not have to be fluent in another language!). For fun, I think going anywhere in Europe would be great. Maybe I could one day visit Hungary or Poland since that is where my family is originally from."

Where is your favorite place on campus and why?

"My favorite place on campus is probably Sanford Mall. During the warmer months, it is so fun to sit and watch people play games, bring their pets, or just hang out."

What is one of your favorite memories at Appalachian thus far?

"One of my favorite memories was from last fall during College Game Day. My friends and I 'slept' on the mall so we could be up bright and early during the actual show."

What do you like about Boone and the surrounding community?

"I really enjoy all the small/local businesses in Boone, especially the coffee shops!"

What are your hobbies?

"I love reading, spending time with my friends, and exploring different fashions."

What is your favorite book, podcast, artist, and/or television show?

"My current favorite show is 'Gilmore Girls,' and my all-time favorite book is 'Circe' by Madeline Miller."

Tell us about one faculty or staff member that has made an impact on your life and how.

"A faculty member who has made an impact on my life is Laura Pell with the Career Development Center. Laura has always supported and encouraged me in my adventures, and is a person who continuously is there for my career."

What do you feel has been valuable in your education at Appalachian versus another institution?

"I that the class sizes here at App have been the most valuable in my education compared to other institutions. With smaller class sizes, I believe that I can get a better individualized education and have the opportunity to get to know my professors better."

What do you hope to do after graduation?

"After graduation, I would like to travel abroad for work. Preferably, I would work at a federal agency that will require me to do research, build connections, and/or protect overseas!"


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Compiled by Lauren Andersen
October 20, 2023

CAS Corps member Angela Sajewicz is a junior criminal justice major from Wake Forest. Photo by Lauren Andersen.
Published: Oct 20, 2023 8:05am