Then and Now: John Misenheimer, Psychology

John Misenheimer '16

M.A. Industrial- Organizational Psychology and Human Resource Management
From Raleigh, N.C.


Misenheimer recognizes that his experiences at Appalachian ultimately helped him understand the appropriate research methodology and consulting practices that he now uses on a daily basis. Specifically, some of the classes that he appreciated the most were Research Methods, Organizational Psychology, Organizational Development and Training and Development. 

Some of Misenheimer’s mentors included Dr. Jacqueline Bergamn, Dr. Shawn Bergman and Dr. Hugh Hindman. Each of these professors inspired Misenheimer in unique ways, challenging him to not only be a better student, but a better individual. 

“I still look up to them,” said Misenheimer of his mentors and continues to be inspired by them as well as the cohort relationships he has maintained from his time as a student. 

Misenheimer’s only regret is having not taken more statistics and analytics based courses before the end of his time at Appalachian.


After graduation, Misenheimer worked as a Human Resource (HR) Specialist at UNC Chapel Hill, a HR Generalist at CALYX and is now a HR Business Analyst at Cisco. In his current position, he works with a research and analytics team. Within the team, Misenheimer and his coworkers study various components of Cisco including employee listening and employee engagement in order to learn how to form stronger teams within the company. Misenheimer values a strong sense of curiosity and high standards within research methodology in his work colleagues. 

For current students, he recommends pursuing your passions to their limits. For those with similar interests in research and statistics, he suggests applying that passion to appropriate research methodologies once practicing in a private sector. 

Misenhiemer says that, of his experiences, “Bad methodology is the norm...and bad data can lead to bad decisions.” Misenheimer emphasizes the importance of applying good methodology learned as an undergraduate student. 


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Compiled and written by Barclay Ann Blankenship and Ellen Gwin Burnette
July 13, 2020

Then and Now Alumnus: John Misenheimer
Published: Jul 14, 2020 10:15am