Student Highlight: Hannah Godfrey

Junior psychology major, Hannah Godfrey, is taking full advantage of attending a liberal arts university. Godfrey notes that the flexibility and of her classes and the support of her professors has allowed her to pursue many interests during her time at Appalachian State University. Although majoring in psychology is Godfrey’s main focus, she is also minoring in chemistry, statistics and military science.

Currently, Godfrey is conducting neuroscience research in Dr. Mark Zrull’s (Psychology) lab. She works to investigate an area of the brain called the entorhinal cortex and its relationship to learning and memory. Godfrey, and her lab partner Holly Liesengang, have recently been accepted to present the findings of their study at the National Conference for Undergraduate Research in Oklahoma. Their paper is titled “Implications of Environmental Enrichment on Neural Activity in the Entorhinal Cortex.”

"Hannah is an excellent student and is developing into a fine researcher. In the behavioral neuroscience lab, she learns skills and procedures quickly, gets tasks done, and does careful, quality work. This year Hannah took on a research question, which was a new challenge for herself, her colleague, and the lab. She developed the background, gathered and analyzed data, and will present a paper on that research. I am pretty impressed with the way she accomplished the work. In fact, I'm really glad to have Hannah as a member of my lab team" said Dr. Zrull in regards to Hannah reserach in his lab. 

Along with her research in the neuroscience lab, Godfrey is a member of Appalachian’s ROTC branch and is the treasurer for the ROTC club, Scabbard and Blade. Through her involvement with Scabbard and Blade, Godfrey organizes and facilitates the TEDx series on campus, which she notes is the biggest community service event for Scabbard and Blade.

TED, which stands for technology entertainment and design, is a platform designed to allow speakers to share their ideas about these topics. The ‘x’ in the title indicates that the event is independently organized. Godfrey invites speakers from the community to pitch their ideas to a panel who then selects four individuals to speak at the event. Godfrey feels that the success of this event, and many of the opportunities she has been part of, comes from the power of asking and the willingness of the Appalachian family to support each other.

“If you want to save the world just ask. I’ve always asked for help and what I’ve gotten out of that is unbelievable. Everyone always seems eager to help me, and I love that about this community.”

In addition to these involvements, Godfrey tutors in statistics, chemistry, biology and neuroscience. She is invested in her time as a tutor because she hopes to teach some day.

“I really like tutoring because I feel like I learn a lot from doing.”

After graduating, Godfrey will complete four years in the Army to fulfill her scholarship contract. Then she hopes to return to school for her PhD and begin a teaching and research career.


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By Johnna Reisner
May 2nd, 2018 

Student Highlight: Hannah Godfrey
Published: May 2, 2018 8:32am