Cody Rusher, Presented at the 4th Minding Animals International Conference in Mexico City

Cody Rusher, a second-year graduate student in the Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Human Resource Management (IOHRM) program, presented at the 4th Minding Animals International Conference in Mexico City, Mexico in January alongside his faculty mentor, Dr. Carol Kline. This conference, organized by Minding Animals International Incorporated, saw hundreds of academics, artists, activists and advocates gather together to discuss issues centered around animal welfare. Their presentation was titled "Exploring the Perceptions of Millennial Travelers towards Animals."

Cody and Dr. Kline have been working together for the duration of his time in the IOHRM program through the Graduate Research Associate Mentoring Program (GRAM). Their research has largely revolved around perceptions of animal consumption and the moral implications of one's decisions to eat animals, specifically within the context of travel. Their findings provided insight to the ethical considerations internalized by individuals regarding their role in food supply chains, natural resource conservation and the interconnectedness of species.

Reflecting on this experience, Cody said, "Attending the conference was mind-opening and incredibly educational. I am beyond grateful to have had this opportunity to learn from and network with some of the most prolific researchers and activists from around the world. Presenting at an international conference was exciting and rewarding, and I am so proud of what Dr. Kline and I have accomplished together."


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Cody Rusher
Published: Feb 22, 2018 10:18am