Celebration of Student Research and Creative Endeavors Winners 2019

This Celebration showcases meaningful research in all disciplines by students at Appalachian, with the top three posters in both the undergraduate and graduate divisions receiving awards. This year, over 100 abstracts were entered in the 10th annual poster competition. There were 165 poster and oral presentations throughout the day, with 23 departments represented from across the university.

graduate winners
L to R: Amelia Bruce and Elizabeth Derrick. Thomas Hastings not pictured. Photo by Marie Freeman.

Graduate student award winners

Thomas Hastings, Boone, N.C.
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jon Davenport
Department: Biology
College: Arts and Sciences
Poster Title: “Using physiological conditions to assess patterns of subarctic wood frog (rana sylvatica) habitat suitability”

Amelia Bruce
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Alan Needle
Department: Health and Exercise Science
College: Beaver College of Health Sciences
Poster Title: “The effects of brain stimulation on neural excitability and function in individuals with chronic ankle instability”

Elizabeth Derrick
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Christine Leist
Department: Music Therapy
College: Hayes School of Music
Poster Title: “An exploration of music therapy for relationship completion in individuals receiving hospice care: a multiple case study”

undergrad winners

L to R: John Stevens IV, Dr. William Anderson, Carly Maas, Dr. Cole Edwards and Bryson Honeycutt. Photo by Marie Freeman

Undergraduate student award winners

John Stevens IV, senior, Boone, N.C.
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Megen A. Culpepper
Major: Chemistry, Biochemistry concentration
Department: Chemistry and Fermentation Sciences
College: Arts and Sciences
Poster Title: “Activity optimization of dimethylsulfide monooxygenase from hyphomicrobium sulfonivorans using flavin reductase mimic proteins”

Bryson Honeycutt, sophomore, Alexander, N.C.
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Cole Edwards
Major: Geology, concentration in Quantitative Geoscience
Department: Geological and Environmental Sciences
College: Arts and Sciences
Poster Title: “Carbon isotopic analysis of late devonian carbonates, western united states: in search of anoxia and the cause of the late devon”

Carly Maas, junior, Greensboro, N.C.
Faculty Mentor: Dr. William Anderson
Major: Geology, concentration in Quantitative Geoscience
Department: Geological and Environmental Sciences
College: Arts and Sciences
Poster Title:  “Augmented wetland in urban topography to mitigate salt contamination”

faculty mentor winner

Dr. Kathleen Schroeder, Dept. Chair of Geography and Planning and Dr. Maggie Sugg. Photo by Marie Freeman.

Undergraduate Faculty Mentorship Award

Dr. Maggie Sugg
Assistant Professor
Department of Geography and Planning
College of Arts and Sciences

Sugg’s current research focuses on the spatiotemporal patterns of environmental health illnesses and how these patterns relate to environmental, socioeconomic and climatic determinants. She has had six publications with undergraduate students in the past four years.

A student nominee stated:

“Dr. Sugg has a lot of research projects going on, but always makes time for each student who is doing the research. She is always there if we need her and offers the most insightful advice.
After taking her class and being her undergrad research assistant, I was able to make more connections between medicine and the geography field which I didn't know was possible.”

The 22nd Annual Research Day event was held on Thursday, April 18, 2019.  For a full list of research presentations and the day’s program, see links below.

For more information about the Office of Student Research, visit https://osr.appstate.edu.


About Student Research at Appalachian
Appalachian encourages student research, which gives the opportunity to work side by side with professors on meaningful research or creative endeavors and then present findings at regional, national and international conferences. Students who understand how discoveries are made in their chosen fields are well prepared to address the unsolved problems of the future. The Office of Student Research (OSR) was established in 2005 to expand the opportunities, including financial support, for undergraduate and graduate students to engage in research and mentored scholarship at Appalachian. Learn more at http://osr.appstate.edu.

About the Department of Biology
The Department of Biology is a community of teacher-scholars, with faculty representing the full breadth of biological specializations — from molecular genetics to landscape/ecosystem ecology. The department seeks to produce graduates with sound scientific knowledge, the skills to create new knowledge, and the excitement and appreciation of scientific discovery. Learn more at https://biology.appstate.edu.

About the A.R. Smith Department of Chemistry and Fermentation Sciences
The A.R. Smith Department of Chemistry and Fermentation Sciences offers a Bachelor of Arts in chemistry, a Bachelor of Science in chemistry with eight different concentrations and an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science degree in fermentation sciences. The department’s programs prepare students to attend graduate and professional schools, as well as for employment in the pharmaceutical and fermentation industries and other business sectors. Learn more at https://chemistry.appstate.edu.

About the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences
Located in Western North Carolina, Appalachian State University provides the perfect setting to study geological and environmental sciences. The Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences provides students with a solid foundation on which to prepare for graduate school or build successful careers as scientists, consultants and secondary education teachers. The department offers six degree options in geology and two degree options in environmental science. Learn more at https://earth.appstate.edu

By Ellen Gwin Burnette
April 30, 2019

Students presenting their research posters at the 22nd annual Celebration of Student Research and Creative Endeavors
Published: Apr 30, 2019 8:56am