CAS Corps Feature: Charlotte Godfrey

The CAS Corps are chosen to serve as representatives to all constituents of the College of Arts and Sciences and to create, promote and execute opportunities for academic and professional growth. These students represent a variety of departments from across the College of Arts and Sciences and will represent the College at events through interaction among current students, future students, parents, donors and alumni.

Each month we will be introducing one of our ten students representing the college in the 2019-20 academic year through a question and answer format. This month, meet Charlotte and learn about her experiences. For more about the CAS Corps, visit:

Charlotte Godfrey

Junior in the Honors College

Psychology major with Natural Science Concentration, Chemistry and English minor
From Northville, M.I. 

What clubs or organizations are you a member of?
Executive editor of Impulse- undergraduate neuroscience journal based here at App

Sports or hobbies?
I love to hike, read (I am currently on devouring all of Vonnegut's works), and write short fiction.

Location(s) you completed or will complete an internship.
SLV Global- Bandaragama, Sri Lanka

Location(s) you completed or will complete a study abroad or study away.
Vienna, Austria- Faculty-led Honors Study abroad, May 2019

Location(s)/lab(s) you conducted research.
Mark Zrull's neuroscience lab- Rankin Science West

What are you most excited about this coming semester?
I am most excited about the work to be done in the research lab in this upcoming semester, to continue working on expanding my completed creative writing works, and to attend the Society for Neuroscience in Chicago this October!

What do you like most about Boone and the surrounding community?
I love the ease of access to the mountains, it makes for many beautiful and quiet places to read a good book. I also love that I can fill up my gas tank, and have it last me more than a month!

What do you feel has been valuable in your education at Appalachian versus another institution?
The ease of access to undergraduate research.

Tell us about one faculty member that has made an impact on your life and how.
Mark Zrull has made a positive impact upon my experience at Appalachian State. He set me up in his research lab during my first year at App, and puts in great effort to ensure all of his research assistants are actively learning in the lab, even if that means that he has to take a step back from the research and allow his students to do the work. He is all about preparing his student with as many tools and skills as he can for their future, wherever they may take it. He also, upon hearing that I am an English minor, immediately suggested I work on the editorial board of Impulse, which is not an opportunity I would have discovered had he not suggested it to me. Dr. Zrull's confidence in his students and in myself inspires me to push harder and be better in all that I do!

Tell us about one other connection you have made while at Appalachian - a friendship, mentor, colleague, a new found hobby or interest.
Another important connection I have made while at Appalachian is with my co-student manager at McAlister's Deli, Jasmine Wofford. Jasmine and I have entirely different majors, but we find a great sense of partnership in each other through our unshakeable work ethic, and our desire to constantly do and be better for both our community and our future. Through leaning on each other, we have found a way to get through even the busiest of work days, or heaviest loads of schoolwork. We shoulder the stress that comes from college life as a team, and I couldn't ask for a better co-captain!

What is your understanding of "sustainability" after being at Appalachian?
Sustainability isn't about being perfect- it's about doing what you can, when you can, with whatever means and money you have at your disposal.

What is your understanding of a "liberal arts" education and do you believe Appalachian has provided that?
Liberal arts means gaining an understanding of the world beyond the limits of your major. The theme I chose, cultural expressions, has allowed me to gain an understanding and respect of culture that, although it may not directly relate to my major, will further my ability to relate to future patients and colleagues, and has exposed to me my interest in the impact culture has upon the approach to the mind and psychology.

What is your favorite space or place on campus?
Upper solarium- all of the immersion with nature, without the hustle and bustle/ noise of the lower half!

I find inspiration from …
Looking back on the things I have achieved, and how wonderful and worth it it felt in those moments.

I recharge by . . .
Drinking a nice hot cup of tea

My favorite superhero is . . .

My favorite place to eat in Boone is . . .

My favorite ice cream is . . .
Mint Chocolate Chip

My spirit animal would be . . .
an ostrich

My dream job would be . . .
a clinical neuropsychologist

Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or your experience at Appalachian?
Attending University is all about taking advantage of all of the opportunities that are at your disposal. It's not about where you go, it's about what you do with it. Allow yourself to dabble in as much as you can, while you still have the means to do so!

Charlotte Godfrey, Psychology major, Chemistry and English minor. Photo by Ellen Gwin Burnette.
Published: Apr 17, 2020 1:27pm