An Appalachian State faculty and student take on honorable roles of participation in the North Carolina School of Psychology Association (NCSPA)

Catherine Edwards, Greenville, N.C., MA/SSP School Psychology graduate program, class of 2018, has been admitted as the Student Representative on the NC School Psychology Association (NCSPA) Board of Directors. Edwards is excited at the opportunity to work with other professionals across the state as she hopes to continue her professional growth and continue to develop the leadership skills in the field of school psychology.

“As the student representative, I have the chance to connect with students and trainers from other programs and promote the organization,” said Edwards. “I would like to serve in positions of leadership in the field of school psychology, and this is a great opportunity to learn from those who are already doing so.”

Professor Jim DeniDr. James Deni, a professor in the Department of Psychology, has been elected president of the North Carolina School of Psychology Association (NCSPA) for the fourth time. Deni has been a member of NCSPA since 1975 and is the first member to serve more than two terms as president.  After more than 40 years of service at Appalachian State, it was with great honor that he accepted this position once again.  

“Being elected state president of your professional association is one of the greatest honors I think anyone could ask for in their professional career,” said Deni.  He has been a consistent leader in his profession serving in many other capacities as well.  In the past, he served as president of the National School of Psychology Trainers and as a member of the Trainers of School Psychologists (TSP).

Edwards has expanded her work mentoring with Dr. Deni in the psychology department and was thankful for encouraged involvement in and out of the classroom.  “By participating in research and attending meetings from various organizations, I feel that I have gained an important perspective and knowledge that I would not have received anywhere else,” said Edwards.

NCSPA is a professional organization that supports and advocates for school psychologists across North Carolina to provide comprehensive services that reflect healthy practices in the field of school psychology. NCSPA represents over 400 school psychologists working in the public schools of North Carolina. The organization serves its members and society by promoting the rights, welfare, education and mental health of children and youth; and advancing the profession of school psychology.

About the Department of Psychology
The Department of Psychology promotes understanding of the science of psychology. It seeks to prepare undergraduate students with transferable skills and knowledge of the discipline of psychology and train graduate students as professionals in the scientist/practitioner model as well as for more advanced study.

For more information about this organization, visit NCSPA.   To learn about other faculty or student news and campus events, visit the College of Arts and Sciences.


Catherine Edwards
Published: Feb 14, 2017 1:49pm