App State Faculty and Alumni Appointed to NCCTM Positions

Faculty members, Dr. Katie Mawhinney, Dr. Erica Slate Young and alumni Emily Bryant Hare, Stephanie Buckner Hill and Charlcy Carpenter of the Department of Mathematical Sciences have all accepted appointments within the North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCCTM). 

The NCCTM is a North Carolina professional organization for all individuals who teach mathematics. An affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), NCCTM's membership includes teachers from all levels, kindergarten through graduate school, and other professionals who work with curriculum and materials for the teaching of mathematics.

Dr. Katie Mawhinney, assistant chair, Department of Mathematical Sciences, accepted the State Secretary position for the NCCTM. She has been a member of the organization since she taught seventh grade math in 1996, and believes it is a great resource for mathematics teachers of all levels.

“I have also been fortunate enough to serve on the Board in other capacities and am looking forward to serving as State Secretary. I see the role of Secretary as providing the much needed administrative support directly to the Board in order to help them fulfill the work of maintaining NCCTM as a resource of North Carolina teachers,” explained Mawhinney.

As Secretary, Mawhinney will be assisting the NCCTM President and recording the decisions made by the Board at annual meetings. Mawhinney is especially looking forward to having a front row seat to the great ideas and conference developments that will be planned by the Board. Mawhinney added that she values the opportunity to “learn about innovations in math education that I can adopt and take back to my own classroom.”

Dr. Erica Slate Young, associate professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, was elected to be the NCCTM Western Region Vice President for Colleges and Universities. NCCTM has been an important part of her professional life since she first joined the organization as an undergraduate student.

“My involvement so early in my career helped me see how being a member of a professional community was essential to my continuing personal and professional development. I ran for the office of NCCTM Western Region Vice President for Colleges and Universities because I want the opportunity to give back to the state and the organization that has given so much to me,” said Young.

In her role as Western Region Vice President for Colleges and Universities, Young will promote NCCTM membership within the colleges and universities in the region, noting the concerns of mathematics educators and assisting in the planning of all programs and conferences sponsored by the Regional Councils. She is excited to work with other mathematics education leaders across the region and state, and provide valuable professional development for mathematics teachers. Collaborating with other NCCTM educators will also inform Young of ideas to incorporate into her classroom at Appalachian.

“Mathematics educators from Appalachian have had a presence in the leadership of NCCTM for decades. I am happy for the opportunity to continue in this tradition. It is beneficial for Appalachian to have someone on the Board of Directors because it reinforces the reputation that the school has as being a leader in mathematics education across the state, regionally and nationally,” explained Young.

Former student Emily Bryant Hare '11 has been elected as the state vice president for secondary schools. At Appalachian, she studied mathematics and secondary education. 

Alumnus Charlcy Carpenter '19 has been selected as the Western region vice president for middle grades. She graduated from Appalachian with a degree in middle grades education. 

Carpenter worked alongside Young as a student, serving as the president of the Prospective Teachers of Mathematics Association (PTMA) that Young co-sponsors. As a senior, Carpenter was even named the Western region math education student of the year.

In addition, for the coming year, alumnus Stephanie Buckner Hill '03 is the rising president of the NCCTM after serving this past year as president-elect. She studied mathematics and secondary education at Appalachian.

“I am excited to be working with these Appalachian alumnus, along with the entire Board!” said Mawhinney.

Appalachian State University has a long history of involvement with the NCCTM. Dr. Deborah Crocker and Dr. Holly Hirst, both professors in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Appalachian, serve as the editorial staff of the NCCTM’s publication “The Centroid,” which contains news and announcements of interest to mathematics educators. Additionally, five of the NCCTM’s past presidents have been members of Appalachian’s faculty including Crocker 2013-15, Betty Long 2011-12, Bill McGalliard 1999-01, Theresa Early 1991-93 and Bill Paul 1979-81.

Dr. Eric Marland, professor and chair, Department of Mathematical Sciences additionally noted, “Our department has a long history of leadership and involvement in NCCTM and it is great to see the continued representation from our faculty and our alumni!”


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By Sophia Woodall
Feb. 24, 2021

The North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCCTM)
Published: Feb 24, 2021 4:40pm