Anthropology Brown Bag Lunch Series

Anne Belk Hall, Room 342

12:00 p.m.

Wednesday, Oct. 10
"Applying Anthropology: Place-based practices in Appalachia and Wales" with William Schumann, Center for Appalachian Studies

Dr. William Schumann's research is focused on understanding interactions between civic and state actors from local-to-international perspectives. Since 1997, he has conducted ethnographic research on sustainability sustainable community development in rural areas of Appalachia and Wales.

Wednesday, Oct. 24
"The Aesthetics of Courts, Prisons and Police" with Albert Stabler, Department of Art

Wednesday, Nov. 14
"What the Cracks and Mold had to say during the Monsoon Season" with Christina Sornito, Department of Anthropology

Dr. Christina Sornito is an anthropologist broadly trained in cultural anthropology with a focus on media theory, religion and Southeast Asia. In her research, the main themes she addresses are 1) apocalypse, 2) shamanism (broadly known in the Philippines as baybaylanism) and 3) haunted landscapes of modernity and postcolonial legacies.

Wednesday, Nov. 28
"Becoming Animal, becoming Transnational" with Sushmita Chatterjee, Department of Cultural, Gender and Global Studies

Dr. Sushmita Chatterjee is Associate Professor of Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies in the Department of Cultural, Gender and Global Studies at Appalachian State University.  Her research interests include feminist theory, queer theory, transnational studies, democratic theory, postcolonial theory, animal studies and visual politics.


About the Center for Appalachian Studies
The Center for Appalachian Studies promotes public programs, community collaboration, civic engagement and scholarship on the Appalachian region. The center is committed to building healthy communities and deepening knowledge of Appalachia’s past, present and future through community-based research and engagement. Learn more at

About the Department of Art
One of seven departments housed in the College of Fine and Applied Arts, the Department of Art at Appalachian State University prepares students to explore art, identity, expression and creative problem-solving while challenging them to go beyond their previous limits by discovering new connections to culture. The department offers degrees in art and visual culture, art education, graphic design, studio art, commercial photography and graphic arts and imaging technology, with minors in art history, studio art, commercial photography and graphic arts and imaging technology. Learn more at

About the Department of Cultural, Gender and Global Studies
The Department of Cultural, Gender and Global Studies offers degrees in global studies, interdisciplinary studies, and gender, women’s and sexuality studies. The department is also home to Watauga Residential College, an interdisciplinary, alternative general education program. The department promotes creative and imaginative engagement in cross-disciplinary investigation of complex systems and problems. Learn more at

About the Department of Anthropology
The Department of Anthropology offers a comparative and holistic approach to the study of the human experience. The anthropological perspective provides a broad understanding of the origins as well as the meaning of physical and cultural diversity in the world — past, present and future. Learn more at

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Published: Oct 9, 2018 1:24pm