AIP Survey Results put Appalachian Physics & Astronomy on Top

The American Institute for Physics (AIP) has released their survey of enrollments and degrees among physics and astronomy departments across the United States.
Based on the latest (2016) survey:

"The physics bachelor’s class of 2016 represents yet another all-time high. There were 8,432 bachelor’s degrees conferred, an increase of 4% from the previous year and a 131% increase from the recent low in 1999. First-year graduate physics student enrollments have remained at about 3,200 students for the last 5 years. The number of physics PhDs conferred in the class of 2016 represented a 2% decline from the previous year, but degree produce on has been increasing in recent years, up 67% from 12 years earlier."

Among all universities in North Carolina, Appalachian State ranked FIRST in junior+senior physics enrollments, FIRST in the number of terminal physics MS degrees awarded, and SECOND (behind only Chapel Hill) in the number of bachelors' degrees awarded in physics.

Among all 659 universities in the U.S. reporting data, Appalachian ranked 31st (top 4.7%) in junior+senior enrollments and 37th (top 5.6%) in the number of bachelors degrees awarded in physics.

Among the 56 comprehensive MS universities awarding terminal Masters' physics degrees in the US, Appalachian State tied for second in the number of MS degrees awarded and ranked fourth in the number of enrolled MS students. Appalachain was also second in junior+senior enrollments and third in the number of bachelors degrees awarded in physics.

To review the survey, visit AIP and to learn more about the department, visit the Physics and Astronomy website.

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A physics and astronomy class at Appalachian State University
Published: Oct 24, 2017 8:37am