Appalachian Aquatic Science Research Team (AppAqua)

AppAqua takes a multidisciplinary approach to better understand the complex human-environmental interactions affecting water resources in the Southern Appalachian headwaters. The cluster developed a high-resolution geospatial database for the Upper South Fork of the New River (USFNR) watershed as part of a long-term water quality monitoring program.  AppAqua studies the long-term spatial relationships between land cover change and water quality in the USFNR watershed that integrates methods and data from physical (hydro-geomorphic), biologic, and social sciences.

Cluster Members
Jeff Colby, Department of Geography and Planning
Shea Tuberty, Department of Biology
Derek Martin, Department of Geography and Planning
Chuanhui Gu, School of Environment, Beijing Normal University

Department of Geography and Planning
Department of Biology
Normal University, Beijing China