Photos and Video

Geodesic Dome Building

Click to view Day 1 of construction.

Geodesic Dome Building Day 1 

Click to view Day 2  of construction.

Geodesic Dome Building Day 2

Photos by Ellen Gwin Burnette for both days.

BMCS intro on AppTV show Hi, Neighbor

Geodesic Dome Building  and BMCS portion of the episode starts at 7:48.

Geodesic Dome Building in the College of Education

The Five Eras of BMC

Five short videos to introduce each era of Black Mountain College will be featured as a part of the Digital Timeline project this semester at Appalachian State University. Visit the Digital Timeline to learn more! (link coming soon - Jan. 12)

Reich College of Education

Fellows faculty member Jeff Goodman

Images with Fellows faculty members Jeff Goodman and Damiana Pyles, as well as Dean Melba Spooner with students working on projects in the Reich College of Education at Appalachian State University.

Photos by University Communications