Fermentation Sciences

Website: http://fermentation.appstate.edu/

Connection to Sustainability: Fermentation as the cornerstone of sustainable food systems; Availability of meat, cheeses and fruit year-round; Developing a scientific understanding to take an unpredictable process and create a more certain process for the preservation of food; Incorporating aspects of sustainable business and sustainble practices (water usage, technology).

Teaching: Principles of Fermentation; Facility Design; Biofuels; Fermentation Sophomore Seminar.

Research: Contributes to business sustainability by providing data to producers to ensure quality product; Investigating better uses of existing resources for wine production; Production of biofuels; Using spent grain & yeast (a waste product) for other purposes (food growth, dietary product).

Student Engagement and Outreach Activities: Students engage in extracurricular activities related to Principles of Fermentation Sciences.