Environmental Science

Website: http://environment.appstate.edu/

Connection to Sustainability: The Environmental Science program is a foundational program for the College's sustainability portfolio. An interdisciplinary, science-intensive program that spans Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Geography/GIS and Planning, the Environmental Science program is designed to equip students with the knowledge and tools necessary to address complex, multi-variate problems and solutions from a wide variety of perspectives and approaches. This relatively new program has already positioned itself as a leader ins sustainability-related teaching, research, and service within the ASU community and on the national stage.

Teaching: All Environmental Science courses are "sustainability-focused" that, to some degree, prepare students to become valued scientists that contribute to our local and global endeavors for a sustainable world.

Research: Environmental Science students are welcomed into research laboratories across all science departments in CAS - they provide a broad range of skills and knowledge to research teams that otherwise draw from the pool of students within their own specific discipline. They have been co-authors in peer-reviewed papers, at national and regional conferences, and are all potential authors of manuscripts in ASU's 'Journal of Student Research in Environmental Science at Appalachian (JSRESA)'. By the nature of their degree program and investigations, all research by ASU students and supporting faculty are at least in some way related to sustainability.

Student Engagement and Outreach Activities: The Club of the Environmental Sciences is a popular and active club that has flourished under a string of outstanding club leadership. They frequently engage in community outreach projects related to sustainability (e.g. they adopted a street and clean it 6 times a year; they partner with the New River Conservency on river clean-ups; etc.).