Request for Change of Major/Minor/Catalog Year

Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 to request this change. Approval of forms does not imply admission to the program. Students must follow the same catalog year for all majors, minors and certificates.

***If you are just wanting to determine what courses would be needed for a new major, please DO NOT complete this official change of program. Use the WHAT IF feature of DegreeWorks for that. If you need assistance with this feature, visit the DegreeWorks website at

First - Middle - Last

If you have applied to graduate you must contact the graduation unit in the registrar's office to request any major/minor/catalog changes. You should send an email from your ASU email account to: Include your name, banner ID, and the changes you are requesting. Remember the catalog year must be the same for ALL majors/minors/certificates.

Verify your present catalog year through your AppalNet account; Student tab > Registration > Check your Registration Status. It may also be found on your DegreeWork audit. Default catalog year is the term in which you were first admitted to Appalachian.
All majors/minors/certificates must be on the same catalog year. Changing your catalog year to 2015 - 2016 or later will change your General Education to Gen Ed 2.0. You must contact Kristin Hyle in the Office of General Education to ensure a smooth transition.
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