Rethinking the Space of Southern Studies: Dr. Zackary Vernon on Ecocriticism and the Future of Southern Studies

Zackary Vernon's edited collection Ecocriticism and the Future of Southern Studies was published last month by Louisiana State University Press. The collection, a product of nearly three years of interdisciplinary collaboration, has seen high praise from various scholars in the field of Southern Studies. William Ferris calls it "an edict nailed to the door of southern studies that challenges the field to embrace manmade environmental issues that threaten our region." Fred Hobson deems the collection "keenly aware of southern environmental precariousness, delivered with a sense of justified urgency." As its provocative title suggests, this collection attempts to bring together two distinct yet intrinsically affiliated fields of Southern Studies and Ecocriticism in order to anticipate the direction ahead for scholarly work produced within both disciplines.

Book Cover: Ecocriticism and the Future of Southern Studies, edited by Zackary Vernon
Published: Sep 11, 2019 2:12pm