Academy of Outstanding Teachers Award and Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award

Academy of Outstanding Teachers Award and Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award

In 1988, The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) instituted the Academy of Outstanding Teachers and the Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award to recognize excellence in teaching.


All full-time, retired and emeriti faculty who have taught in CAS for at least two full years are eligible. Persons nominated may have been an instructor in a lecture class or seminar at any level, a lab instructor or director of independent study or an academic advisor or mentor. Normally those appointed to the Academy of Outstanding Teachers are currently active faculty members in CAS, however under extraordinary circumstances, retired or emeriti faculty may be appointed.


Appointees to the Academy of Outstanding Teachers and the Outstanding Teacher of the Year the will receive a medallion and certificate presented at the fall CAS Awards Luncheon. In addition, the Outstanding Teacher of the Year will receive up to $1,000 in supplemental pay (subject to deduction of all pertinent taxes).


All faculty, staff and alumni are eligible to submit nominations. Any Appalachian State University student may submit a nomination as long as they are not currently enrolled in the nominee's class. 

Nomination Process

To nominate a faculty member for this award, please complete the nomination form to submit it to the CAS Selection Committee. Nominations should describe how the nominee has displayed the following:

  • Ability to impart knowledge, inquisitiveness and the desire for continued learning
  • Competence and command of the subject matter
  • Concern for students' intellectual growth and personal development
  • Enthusiasm for the subject matter and for teaching it

Selection of Awardee

The Outstanding Teacher/Academy Award Committee reviews the applications and makes a recommendation to the Dean of CAS. The Committee is composed of the three most recent Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award recipients and two CAS alumni. The most recent award recipient serves as Chair. The Committee selects up to four faculty members for appointment to the Academy of Outstanding Teachers as well as one Academy member for recognition as The College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Teacher of the Year. All letters of nomination are kept on file and eligible for up to five years. Each letter of nomination will be given to the nominee after it has been in the committee files for five years, whether or not the nominee has received the award.

Procedures and Deadlines

The deadline for nominations is Friday, August 26th, 2022. The Committee will begin review of applications at the beginning of the fall semester.

Previous Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award Recipient

  • Deborah Crocker (2020-21)
  • Cindy Norris (2019-20)
  • Ellen Lamont (2018-19)
  • Germán Campos-Muñoz (2017-18)
  • Cynthia Liutkus-Pierce (2016-17)
  • Elicka Sparks (2015-16)
  • Joseph Pollock (2014-15)
  • Andrew Ferguson (2013-14)
  • Alice McRae (2012-13)
  • Ted Zerucha (2011-12)
  • Sarah Greenwald (2010-11)
  • Cameron Lippard (2009-10)
  • Kim Hall (2008-09)
  • Rodney Duke (2007-08)
  • Sheila Phipps (2006-07)
  • Douglas Waring (2005-06)
  • Mary Connell (2004-05)
  • Cinthia Pratt (2003-04)
  • Alan Hauser (2002-03)
  • Doris Bazzini (2001-02)
  • Ray Ruble (2000-01)
  • Delores Parks (1999-2000)
  • Zohara Boyd (1998-99)
  • Fred Webb (1997-98)
  • Anita Kitchens (1996-17)
  • Thomas McGowan (1995-96)
  • Richard Henson (1994-95)
  • Peggy Hartley (1993-94)
  • Jay Wentworth (1992-93)
  • George Miles (1991-92)
  • Rennie Brantz (1990-91)
  • Loren Raymond (1989-90)

Previous Academy of Outstanding Teachers Award Recipients

  • Sushmita Chatterjee (IDS)
  • Deborah Crocker (MAT)
  • Michael Dale (IDS)
  • Kara Dempsey (GHY)
  • Rick Elmore (PR)
  • Tammy Wahpeconiah (ENG)
  • Edward Allen (GJS)
  • Laura Ammon (PR)
  • Carol Babyak (CFS)
  • Mary Ballard (PSY)
  • Doris Bazzini (PSY)
  • Patricia Beaver (ANT)
  • Shawn Bergman (PSY)
  • John Bond (BIO)
  • Jeffrey Bortz (HIS)
  • Zohara Boyd (ENG)
  • Jeff Boyer (ANT)
  • Rennie Brantz (HIS)
  • Anthony Calamai (PA)
  • Karl Campbell (HIS)
  • Germán Campos-Muñoz (ENG)
  • Dr. Başak Çandar (ENG)
  • Richard Carp (IDS)
  • Gabriele M. Casale (GES)
  • Sushmita Chatterjee (IDS)
  • Mary Connell (BIO)
  • Ellen Cowan (GES)
  • Victoria Cox (PR)
  • Heather Custer (ENG)
  • Rodney Duke (PSY)
  • Cassandra Eagle (CFS)
  • Theresa Early (MAT)
  • Maksoud Feghali (LLC)
  • Andrew Ferguson (SOC)
  • Craig Fischer (ENG)
  • Sandra G. Gagnon (PSY)
  • Leslie Gerber (IDS)
  • Joseph Gonzalez (IDS)
  • Sarah Greenwald (MAT)
  • William Griffin (LLC)
  • Kim Hall (PR)
  • Peggy Hartley (LLC)
  • Alan Hauser (PR)
  • Andrew B. Heckert (GES)
  • Richard Henson (BIO)
  • Edelma Huntley (ENG)
  • William Imperatore (GHY)
  • Anatoly Isaenko (HIS)
  • Kenneth Jacker (CS)
  • Scott Jessee (HIS)
  • Kevin Kennedy (LLC)
  • Ellen Key (GJS)
  • Winston Kinsey (HIS)
  • Anita Kitchens (MAT)
  • Ellen Lamont (SOC)
  • Donna Lillian (ENG)
  • Neal Lineback (GHY)
  • Cameron Lippard (SOC)
  • Cynthia Liukus-Pierce (GES)
  • Timothy Ludwig (PSY)
  • Emory Maiden (ENG)
  • Karl Mamola (PA)
  • William McGalliard (MAT)
  • Richard McGarry (LLC)
  • Thomas McGowan (ENG)
  • Tom McLaughlin (ENG)
  • Alice McRae (CS)
  • George Miles (CFS)
  • Eugene Miller (ENG)
  • Beverly Moser (LLC)
  • Brad Nash (SOC)
  • Cindy Norris (CS)
  • Claire Olander (CFS)
  • Elaine O'Quinn (ENG)
  • David Orvis (ENG)
  • Conrad Ostwalt (PR)
  • Dolores Parks (CS)
  • Myra Pennell (HIS)
  • Elicka Peterson-Sparks (GJS)
  • Peter Petschauer (HIS)
  • Sheila Phipps (HIS)
  • Joseph Pollock (PA)
  • Dana Powell (ANT)
  • Cinthia Pratt (SOC)
  • Michael Ramey (CFS)
  • Loren Raymond (GES)
  • Georgia Rhoades (ENG)
  • Janice Rienerth (SOC)
  • Matthew Rowe (BIO)
  • Raymond Ruble (PR)
  • Curtis Ryan (GJS)
  • Kenneth Shull (BIO)
  • Tim Silver (HIS)
  • Timothy Smith (ANT)
  • William Sprunt (MAT)
  • Kenneth Steele (PSY)
  • Roger Stilling (ENG)
  • Ruth Ann Strickland (GJS)
  • David Sutton (GJS)
  • Mark Venable (BIO)
  • Wilber Ward (ENG)
  • Douglas Waring (PSY)
  • Fred Webb (GES)
  • Jay Wentworth (IDS)
  • Dale Wheeler (CFS)
  • Marian Williams (GJS)
  • Matt Williamson (GJS)
  • B.J. Yoblinksi (CFS)
  • Barbara Zaitzow (GJS)
  • Ted Zerucha (BIO)