Dear Colleagues:

The College Assessment Committee sees our primary goal as assisting each unit in the College in developing an assessment plan for its programs that meets the needs of the unit, will not overburden faculty and staff, can be sustained and will provide useful feedback so that programs continue to offer the best education experience for students.

We understand that there is not one way for a department to approach assessment planning. Keep in mind that the purpose of assessment is to continue to examine your learning outcomes based on what you find out and decide if you have met the outcome, or if you need to make changes in your program to be able to meet the outcome during the next semester/year. In this on-going process, your department may discover that additional outcomes are necessary. In short, assessment is an on-going dynamic process.

We understand that, in order to make assessment work and be sustained, each unit must develop plans that can be used for its particular programs. Assessment cannot be one-size-fits-all. The Assessment Committee stands ready to be an on-going resource for you and your department.

Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes Chart