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Inside the Perpetual Planet Expedition

Collecting data at the peak of the world, Paul Mayewski and his multidisciplinary team of scientists endeavor to understand the full impact of climate change on one of the most extreme places on earth: Mount Everest. From one of the highest weather stations ever built to a ballpoint pen and paper, this expedition uses all levels of data collecting tools to drill into the ice cores of the past and monitor the glacial movements of the future.

For a video and classroom related resources visit: https://www.nationalgeographic.org/video/inside-extreme-expedition-mount-everest/

National Geographic Education Resource Library

This website hosts a varierty of tools and resources about the Perpetual Planet Expedition to Mount Everest including:

  • photographs
  • lesssons
  • interactives
  • articles
  • activites
  • maps
  • videos
  • lessons

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